I’m Katerina and I’m a full time professional photographer & illustrator based in Europe. I have a background in arts, graphic design and geology.
I’m interested in people and documenting their love.
I’ve always been in love with film photography since my father developed our family photos at home in his little dark room where by magic he would come out with the printed photos.
I associate photography with my childhood memories, my father’s dedication for photography and the fact that family & wedding photography will always matters to all of us keeps me going.
I try to provide to all of my clients that feeling of home, of being cozy&authentic, joyous, spontaneous and simple.
My purpose is to be in the moment, happy, intimate, simple,
authentic and dedicated.
I work hard, I put a lot of love in my photos and I sure love to make the most of every event I participate at.

My style is photo-journalistic with a romantic, cinematic touch.
I think everything is telling something about us, every choice we make and every path we take.
I hope you will share your lovely story with me. 🙂
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“Your handwriting. The way you walk. Which china pattern you choose.
It’s all giving you away. Everything you do shows your hand.
Everything is a self portrait. Everything is a diary.” Chuck Palahniuk

Annamaria and Michael

"I cannot think about my wedding without Katerina crossing my mind. She was the heart and soul to our special day and this can be seen in the amazing photos she took of us. Those are the only memories you take with you after such an event and I cannot think of a better person to have captured it for us. Katerina is now our friend and I admire her so much, not only professionally but also as a person. She is everything you want in a professional photographer: she's talented, focused, patient, flexible, friendly, loveable and loving. The final products were mind blowing, everyone went crazy for our wedding photo album. Thanks Katerina, you are our favourite #bacon "
Anna & Michaelmind blowing